RAW Expo 14 June 2015


Damon Hyland DSLR Video 09H00 - 10H00
Seagram Pearce Finding & Capitalising Your Niche of Photography 10H30 - 11H30
I See A Different You The importance of telling your story 12H00 - 13H00
Morkel Erasmus Desaturated Development 14H00 - 15H00
Panel Discussion The Future of Photography 16H00 - 18H00



Johan Pretorius Portraits Live Shoot 09H00 - 13H00
Join Johan for an indepth live shoot where he will share his vast knowledge on making memorable portraits.
Seagram Pearce Plan It, Light It, Shoot it, Post It 14H00 - 18H00
The ultimate start to finish master class on getting a brief, conceptualise your method to bring it to life. Putting elements together in preparation. Lighting the set/model & shooting. We’ll wrap up with doing post production to bring it all together. Bring your laptops and Wacom tablets.



Shannon Benson Wildlife 09H00 - 10H30
Shannon will be talking about her extensive journey deep into the world of wildlife photography, her choice of equipment, her partnership with videographer Russell MacLaughlin, their adventures, the highs and lows and everything inbetween, all accompanied by examples of her work.
Brett Florens The Business of Wedding Photography 11H00 - 13H00
Brett discusses how best to generate and convert enquiries, and marketing techniques for photographers. Brett will expose you to techniques that will empower you to run a fulfilling profitable career.
Craig Kolesky Action: Stitching It 14H00 - 15H30
Craig Kolesky, world renowned adventure photographer, takes us through his signature action sequence shots step by step.



Christine Meintjes Developing your Business online 09H00 - 10H30
As the owner of one of the most successful lifestyle blogs The Pretty Blog, Christine will talk you though the basics of creating and maintaining an online presence, by sharing her experience, tips and advice. This session will cover some basics around blogging, Facebook, twitter & Instagram.
Sean Brand Lowlight and infrared photography 11H00 - 13H00
Sean Brand will be discussing the ins outs of what it takes to be a live rock and roll photographer, as well as show you how to get the perfect lowlight shot in those conditions. Sean will also be sharing his experiences in exploring the alternative frequencies of near infrared light that have led to him creating wildlife and landscape art photography.
Damon Hyland DSLR Video 14H00 - 15H30
Damon will deliver an inspirational seminar on creating DSLR films with memorable story lines.