RAW Expo 13 June 2015


Ben Bergh Capturing Action 09H00 - 10H00
Adrian Steirn Storytelling 10H30 - 11H30
Brett Florens Wedding Photography - Telling your story 12H00 - 13H00
Johan Pretorius Family Portraits 14H00 - 15H00
Cathy Heaton New born photography & building a small business 15H30 - 16H30
Greg Du Toit Wildlife - Just jump in 17H00 - 18H00



Craig Kolesky Lighting it right 09H00 - 13H00
This masterclass delves into the world of light sources. Using speedlights, reflectors or continuous light on location. Craig takes us through his strategies for producing desired lighting effects focusing on mobile solutions.
Christine Meintjes Wedding Photography 14H00 - 18H00
Doing it all with natural light - In this masterclass, Christine will teach you the basics of shooting with natural light and how she achieves those crispy, white images. She will take you through a practical mini styled shoot, followed by her digital workflow of post production, to achieve the ultimate look.



Neil Kirby Beauty and Fashion 09H00 - 10H30
Neil will be talking about and demonstrating studio lighting, discussing the finer points of technique for commercial fashion and beauty in a live studio setup.
Stephen Segal The transition from enthusiast to pro 11H00 - 13H00
In an industry filled with aspiring professionals very few make the transition from enthusiast to professional. During this practical session, Stephen will be going over various insights and tips on how to successfully create a business out of your love for photography
Adrian Steirn Panic 14H00 - 15H30
Adrian Steirn has built a career by combining the craft of photography and filmmaking with a keen strategic vision. In this workshop he shares the lessons and wisdom that he has learned as the founder and director of Ginkgo Agency, a creative collective based in Cape Town. Adrian will uncover the strategic aspects of developing creative projects while sharing practical tips on growing your business.
Brett Florens Strike a pose 16H00 - 18H00
Posing is not a bad thing – Bad posing is. Brett will talk you through his system for directing and posing his clients that create images with a message. By understanding body language and innuendo you can project messages through your images.



Christine Meintjes Having a happy client 09H00 - 10H30
One of the keys to success is making sure you're meeting your client's expectations. In this interactive discussion, learn more about Christine's approach of creating + managing her weddings client's expectations.
Emma O'Brien Photographing children 11H00 - 13H00
How to get the most out of a shoot with children. During this session Emma will cover the basics of photographing children including lighting, posing and hints & tips for great portraits.
Seagram Pearce Making A Beauty Shot 14H00 - 15H30
Learn the methods to creating the Editorial crisp beauty shots. Light and shoot a clean beauty image with minimal fuss & gear.
Craig Kolesky Action: From still to Motion 16H00 - 18H00
Learn to create amazing videos with your DSLR and still get the images you need