RAW Expo 12 June 2015


Brett Florens A Modern Romance 10H30 - 11H30
Craig Kolesky Storytelling on Location 12H00 - 13H00
Adrian Steirn Storytelling 14H00 - 15H00
Christine Meintjes The Art of telling their story 15H30 - 16H30
Cathy Heaton New born photography & building a small business 17H00 - 18H00
The Parlotones The Parlotones Concert 18H30 - 20H00



Stephen Segal The Essentials of Photography 09H00 - 13H00
During this practical masterclass, Steve will discuss the fundamentals of photography, exposure, lighting, composition, as well as, correction and editing tips. Discover how to unlock the potential of your gear, understand what makes a great photograph and discuss advanced creative techniques.
Brett Florens Wedding Photography Intensive 14H00 - 18H00
This masterclass will focus on working with your bride and groom to develop posing skills that will create striking portfolio images. Indulge in 4 hours of wedding photography. Learn to work with natural as well as artificial light, practice key shots and make perfect portraits. Brett will discuss his approach, workflow and the business aspects of wedding photography.



Neil Kirby Beauty and Fashion 09H00 - 10H30
Neil will be talking about and demonstrating studio lighting, discussing the finer points of technique for commercial fashion and beauty in a live studio setup.
Seagram Pearce Approaching Portraiture Like A Creative 11H00 - 13H00
Conceptualising, planning & executing your portraiture in a way that reflects yourself as a creative.
We will discuss the thought process, proven methods of planning & organising aspects of your production and final shooting methods.
Stephen Segal Speedlights 101 14H00 - 15H30
Discover how to create beautiful and creative photographs by getting insights into how your speed lights work and how they can help you achieve more amazing images. In this practical studio session, Stephen will go over the basics of speed lights, remote triggering, intermediate tips, advanced uses and how to create inspiring images.
Johan Pretorius Portraits 101 16H00 - 18H00
How to execute a portrait that will sell. Johan will take you through the necessary steps to achieve a portrait with impact. This workshop will cover working with your subject, lighting set-ups and the business aspects of making a living out of portraiture photography.



Shannon Benson Wildlife 09H00 - 10H30
Shannon will be talking about her extensive journey deep into the world of wildlife photography, her choice of equipment, her partnership with videographer Russell MacLaughlin, their adventures, the highs and lows and everything in between, all accompanied by examples of her work.
Ben Bergh Live Shoot 11H00 - 13H00
Ben will be demonstrating how to freeze action effectively using studio flash, speedlights and PocketWizard trigger technologies in a live demonstration with one of SA’s top professional dancers, Drew Mathie.
Damon Hyland DSLR Video 14H00 - 15H30
Damon will deliver an inspirational workshop on creating DSLR films with memorable story lines.
Emma O'Brien People and Pets 16H00 - 18H00
Pets can be a bit of a challenge to photograph. During this session Emma will talk about the techniques and tricks required to capture great images of animals.